Thursday, 29 March 2012

Water, Water No Longer Everywhere

As I enjoyed a walk with the dog in the glorious sunshine I noticed one of the ditches had a few mounds of frog spawn in it. Looking around to check no one was watching (friends and family think I weird, I don't want the locals to also think I am) I got on all fours to get a closer look. I watched in awe as the little black bodies wriggled in their transparent shells. It then struck me that water is something we take for granted. However for these little creatures water is life, no water is certain death. 

As I watched I decided three things. 

Firstly I'll keep going back to that ditch and if needed I'll lift the frog spawn and try to save those little tadpoles. 

Secondly I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage people to look after the wildlife around them by taking action when needed. This could be a simple act of taking a dolphin by the tail and dragging it back into the water: 

In less that four minutes 30 dolphins are saved 

To making small changes in lifestyle. For example as water is my theme here are three simple to follow tips that will hopefully reduce water usage:

No butts!
Take a look at your guttering and see if you can find a place to safely situate a water butt. If you can take a few measurements and invest in one and install. Then during dry periods use the water collected to care for your precious garden plants.

Drinks for all
How often do you not finish an entire glass of water? Don't just throw that water down the drain use it to water your indoor plants or add to your newly installed water butt. Also remember when you have a party and keep drinks in a large bucket of ice don't waste the water. Once the ice has melted give your plants a drink.

The right time
Try to avoid watering during hot periods of the day to reduce evaporation. Also cut your grass slightly longer than the regimented 0.5mm (1/4"). You'll have to water less as the soil will keep the moisture in for longer.  Also cover flowering borders with bark chippings or similar, this should also reduce evaporation.

If you've found this interesting and feel the urge to make a difference, however small then why not check out my book The Greatest Guide To Green Living or spend a little time researching on the web. As the video shows we can all make a difference.