Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Five Fab Tips for Picture Book Writing

If writing a picture book is something you'd like to try then take a look at the following tips which will hopefully help you on your way.
As you write try to think visually. Attempt to ensure every page can be illustrated with a different scene or picture. This will allow the illustrator to 'play' with your words and create a book that is visually pleasing as well as exciting to read.

Break your story down into sections and ensure you have a strong start, middle and end. If your character doesn't go on a journey (physical or emotional) why will the reader want to turn to the next page?

A picture book is a mixture of words and images. So you don't have to include great chunks of description. If it's important your character looks a certain way or they are carrying something then add notes for the illustrator. As the saying goes a picture can say a thousand words. So let the pictures tell half the story whilst your words tell the other half. 

Picture books are written to be read out aloud. So when it comes to editing do just this. Stand up and read your words out. Then edit as needed.

If you want to get your book published remember publishers want to sell worldwide. So you have to think globally. For example in my first picture book (A Book For Bramble) I'd mentioned Guy Fawkes Night. Now every child in the UK knows what this celebration is but children from other parts of the world will not. I therefore had to find an alternate celebration. So thinking globally will make your book more viable to a publisher.

I hope these tips have helped. Now find some paper and a pen and get writing!  

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