Friday, 22 February 2013

My Writing Space

As you can see my writing space is fairly business like.  I've seen images of other authors writing spaces and they're filled with things that mean something to them, inspire them etc. 

The only item I could say fills that category is a credit card sized picture of a hedgehog (I'm known for my love of these prickly creatures) and a little mouse (just twigged my first book was about a hedgehog and a mouse). As you can see on the front are the words "lots of times in lots of ways..." and on the reverse are the words "friends mean more than words can say." 

It was given to me by a friend years ago, who is five days younger than I am. I've been so lucky, she's always been there. We shared our entire school life even sitting next to one another during story time in our infants class. Although we now live a three hour drive from one another we're still in contact. But that's it, everything else is connected to my craft of writing. So the shelves are filled with reference books, books on writing and loads of note pads filled with scribbled ideas. 

However I don't occupy this space alone. When I am sitting at my desk working on a new magazine feature or book I'm often tapping to the sound of a snoring dog. And as you can see Tasha does like to get comfortable.